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Student Learning Center

Mondays-Thursdays 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Sehome Library
The center offers :

  • A quiet, supervised environment to study
  • An opportunity to complete homework BEFORE students get home
  • Access to tutors from Western Washington University and Sehome High School
  • One on one tutor matches
  • A supported team approach between:
    Center Coordinator

This is a drop in center. Students can stay for a few minutes to get questions answered or for two hours. It is modeled after college tutoring centers. Students will be treated as young adults and allowed to take ownership of their own learning, accessing the help they need. Snacks and bus tokens provided.


“Beyond the Classroom” video


Brenda Apt
Learning Center Coordinator
676-6470 ext. 5249



2016-17 Sehome Course Catalog


Online Tools

Agile Mind

Bellingham Virtual Learning (BVL)

Google Drive

MLA Guide from the Purdue Online Wrting Lab (OWL)

MLA Sample Essay

Plagiarism: Rules and Consequences

Tech Connections

Turn it In

O.S.P.I. Digital Learning Department


Student Rights and Responsibilities

2105-16 Student Handbook



Students can log into Skyward Student Access to see their information and to register for courses.

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Office 365

Access your email, calendar, and OneDrive storage through Office365.

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Graduation Course Planning Guide

For students and their families preparing for High School Course Registration.

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Student Safety Tip Line

Bellingham Public Schools has a Student Safety Tip Line, (360) 647-6846. Emergencies should be reported immediately to 911.

Students, parents or other community members who have a concern about safety in Bellingham Public Schools or know something about a possible threat to safety that is illegal or could place someone in harm are encouraged to leave a message on this line. Messages on this line are checked Monday through Friday.

If possible, please leave your name and phone number so that we may contact you, if needed. If you want to remain anonymous, we will keep all information provided on this line in strict confidence, unless required to disclose by law or for safety reasons.

Thank you for your support with school safety.

En Espanol:

Linea de aviso anonimo para la seguridad de estudiantes: (360) 647-6846.

Ayude a mantener a nuestra escuela a salvo. Avisen posible amenazas o algo que pueda hacer daño a alguien. Pueden dejar un mensaje sin dar su nombre.