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Scholarships Bulletin – check weekly for updates!         You may need to refresh the website to see current postings.

Scholarship Resources

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Scholarship Tips:

Students should consider scholarships a part time job.  Plan to spend 20-30 minutes, once a week, updating and checking your scholarship websites.Check out these websites:

Financial Aid

    • Financial Aid Form (FAFSA)- need help completing application? Seniors and their parents are invited to our College Goal events sponsored by our district in January.  Even if your family doesn’t qualify for financial aid, students still need to complete this if applying for work study or federally protected low interest loans. Some outside scholarships may require the FAFSA as well.  WASFA for undocumented students.
    • Top 7 Reasons Why the FAFSA is for EVERYONE
    • Check the BSD calendar of events for Finacial Aid and FAFSA assistance happening every October.
    • Student – Create your college cost and planning report, research types of aid, find scholarships and more!
    • finaid– “the smart student’s guide to financial aid”