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Sehome Clubs 2020 – 2021

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Art Club

Advisors: Damien Di Nitto, Randelle Crawford, Colleen King                randell.crawford@bellinghamschools.org


Purpose: Cultivate and share love of art; learn new techniques and create amazing art


Book Club:

Advisor: Nicky Cook-Desler                         nicky.cook-desler@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster appreciation for a variety of different genres of books and authors.  Have book group discussions with kids who have similar interests in topics and writers


Chess Team:

Advisor: Randy Walther                               Randywalther@msn.com

Purpose: Develop tournament chess players and compete against other high schools in the NW Chess league and a State Chess Tournament


Club De Lectura:

Advisor: Mary Hooker                                   mary.hooker@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster appreciation of Hispanic language and cultures and develop Spanish literacy skills

Conditioning Club:

Advisor: Kevin Ryan                                       kevin.ryan@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Find others with similar interests in physical well being, create workouts and encourage each other in the journey to fitness


Cooking Club:

Advisor: Michael Bechkowiak                     michael.bechkowiak@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose:  Develop cooking skills; emphasis on Vegan cooking. Ranging from main courses to desserts



Crochet for Community

Advisor: Amy Brewster                                 amy.brewster@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Crochet blankets, socks, mittens and other items for homeless population in Bellingham


Cup Stacking Club

Advisor: Kevin Ryan               kevin.ryan@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Competitive cup stacking Zoom competitions



Advisor: Samantha Sandoz                          samantha.sandoz@yahoo.com

Purpose: Students compete against other schools on a State designated topic.  There are novice and expert levels for students to compete at. Practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm. Practice will start on September 9th but new students to the club are welcome to join at any point.  Zoom link for practices can be obtained by emailing Sam Sandoz at samantha.sandoz@yahoo.com



Advisor:  Kyle Ringo and Jeff Wood          kyle.ringo@bellinghamschools.org; jeff.wood@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster interest in business, marketing and entrepreneurship.  Members must be taking Econ or Marketing or have taken one of those courses in the past

Diversity in Action (DIA)

Advisor: Amy Hjelt                                         Amy.hjelt@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Celebrate diversity through sharing and participating in cultural activities as well as community service projects



Advisor: Kandace McGowan                                      Kandace.mcgowan@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Cultivate passion for theater through a variety of activities such as fall and spring productions, play festivals and other drama events

Dungeons and Dragons

Advisor: Ed Wissing                                                      Edward.wissing@bellinghamschools.org

Students interested in D & D have a chance to create and play D & D


E-Sports Club

Advisor: TBD                                                                  colin.cushman@bellinghamschools.org

Students will compete against other schools in the state in a variety of different competitive video games (strategy and sports games).  This will be a state sponsored (WIAA will determine the platform and a basic state schedule)


Environmental Club

Advisor: Amy Hankinson                                              amy.hankinson@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster an interest in environmental issues within SHS community. To advertise the importance of recycling and maintaining and eco-friendly lifestyle


French Club

Advisor: Sonya Morrison                                             sonya.morrison@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster appreciation of French language and cultures and develop French literacy skills


Future Business Leaders (FBLA)           

Advisor: Jenn Styer                                                       jennifer.styer@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs


Hiking Club

Advisor: Meghan Lever                                                meghan.lever@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Plan and go on hikes throughout Whatcom County. Until we get the okay for in person activities this can only be done virtually

Hispanic Honor Society

Advisor: Ashleigh Bobovski                                        Ashleigh.bobovski@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Recognize high school achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-e (3 semesters of Spanish) with a B+ average in Spanish Class


Honor Society

Advisor: Angie Desler                                                   angela.desler@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: 10th-12th grade students with a 3.0 GPA or above are encouraged to submit an application to become a member of the Sehome chapter of the National Honor Society.

Applications for new members for the 2020-21 school year are due by October 16th.

Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character



Irish Club

Advisor: Kevin Ryan                                                      kevin.ryan@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Foster appreciation of Irish culture and create events that celebrate the culture

Juggling Club

Advisor: Ian Caldwell                                                    ian.caldwell@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Develop skills in juggling, create hand-eye coordination skills, laugh and have fun


Key Club

Advisor: Sonya Morrison                                             sonya.morrison@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Work together on volunteer projects that benefit Sehome, Bellingham and the greater Whatcom community- partnership with the Kiwanis Club


Knowledge Bowl Team

Advisor: Carol Cozad                                                    carol.cozad@gmail.com

Purpose: This is a club that competes against other schools throughout the year on a “Jeopardy” style quick recall of random facts.  Topics include Math, History, Science, English Grammar, World Languages, Current Events, Geography and the Arts


Math Club

Advisor:  Bennet Vis                                                 Bennet.vis@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Competing against other schools in our region with math puzzles and problems in group and individual competitions


Mayhem Club

Advisor: Amy Hankinson                                             amy.hankinson@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Raising awareness of, educating the community about, and instilling change in attitudes towards climate change culminating in events on the topic throughout the month of May


Model UN

Advisor: Sonya Morrison                                             sonya.morrison@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: A simulation of the United Nations that promotes international cooperation.  Members will play the roles of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the UN’s Agenda

Mt. Bike Club

Advisor: Phil Henoch                                                    Phillip.henoch@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Organize and complete rides on Galbraith Mtn; until we get the okay to do in person activities this can only be done virtually


Peer Centered Support

Advisor: Meghan Lever                                                meghan.lever@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Create a space for students to express themselves and support each other in a non-judgmental and inclusive space.  We focus on all topics related to mental health and often participate in a small mini-lesson to get conversation started


Peer Centered Outreach

Advisor: Meghan Lever                                                meghan.lever@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Students participate in outreach efforts related to mental health and wellbeing that leave lasting and positive impact on our community

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

Advisor: Amy Brewster                                                amy.brewster@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Create a safe and welcoming community for all students.  Discussion on students facing issues related to inclusion and acceptance as related to the LGBTQ community



Advisors: Kevin Criez and Heather Steele               kevin.criez@bellinghamschools.org


Purpose: Competition in First Robotics Competition against other high schools in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana


Science Olympiad

Advisors: Amy Hankinson and Carter Maden                       amy.hankinson@bellinghamschools.org


Purpose: 15 members per team competing against other schools across the state in 23 events ranging from problem solving to lab stations to building devices that perform specific tasks


Sports Med Club

Advisor: Maggie Hite                                                                   magdalena.hite@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Prepare for Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association State Competition.  Students will compete in written sports medicine exam, medical terminology, CPR and Anatomy/Physiology


Stress Management Club

Adviser: Susan Auld                                                                     susan.auld@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: To work with other students on developing strategies to manage daily stress and anxiety


Teen Court

Advisor: Shannon Eubank                                                          shannon.eubank@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Teen court is a by students, for students program that sees cases of second offenders.  The offender admits to the offense and agrees to go before a jury of his peers who determine the consequences necessary to restore the offender back to society.  The jury, attorney, bailiff, clerk and judge are all high school students from various high schools in Whatcom County.  Participants learn about the justice system, how to serve the community and gain real life skills such as public speaking and collaboration

Tenor/Bass Choir

Advisor: Jessica Schlichting                                                        jessica.schlichting@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Build vocal and presentation skills and confidence in a friendly, supportive environment.  No auditions, commitment or prior experience is necessary


Unified Club

Advisor: Ed Wissing                                                                 Edward.wissing@bellinghamschools.org

Purpose: Create sense of unity between all students at Sehome focusing on ways to connect our Exceptional Ed students to our athletics programs


Whistling Club

Advisor: TBD                                                                                 TBD

Purpose: Appreciation of whistling; pursue performance level whistling as a group