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Piper Mertle


  • Period 6 – Civics (room 125)
  • Period 7 – S.A.I.L. (credit retrieval) 2:30 – 3:30


Civics – Ms. Mertle and Ms. Eubank both want their classes to make full use of Ms. Eubank’s CWP Web Pages.

Civics Class Evaluation Survey


S.A.I.L. meets in the library Monday, Tuesday & Thursday,
and in A5 on Wednesday.

After signing up with your teacher, click here to access the GradPoint site to work on credit retrieval for SAIL.  (Use Google Chrome as your browser.)

Piper Mertle Staff Photo
SAIL test-taking procedures:

No internet (computer, phone) or books may be used during any tests.

All tests must be taken in SAIL lab or with approved staff member BY PRIOR AGREEMENT with that teacher.

Notify SAIL teacher BEFORE taking any test. Proctoring teacher needs to email SAIL teacher saying that they have agreed to proctor.

Students may use printed or handwritten notes.



676-6470 x 5239