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Student Services is back in-person and we are available for appointments!

Feel free to email, call/text or pop into the Student Services office to set a time to meet.


Summer School Applications are now OPEN and all classes are FREE!

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Your Sehome Student Services Team

Jeff Smith



Jeff Smith
Students: Grade 9, all
District Cell: (360)739-3769







Amy Hjelt
Students: Grades 10- 12, A-G
District Cell: (360)746-5106

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Hana Schutz

Students: Grades 10-12, H – M
District Cell: (360)739-2642

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photo of counselor



John VanderMolen
Students: Grades 10-12, N – Z
District Cell: (360)739-3793

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Larsen, Janelle



Janelle Larsen
(360)676-6481 x5205








Kendra Simpson
Administrative Assistant
(360)676-6481 x5204







Meghan Lever
Prevention/Intervention Specialist
(360)676-6481 x5296

District Cell: (360)746-9845






Amy Brewster

Student Success Coordinator / BVL and GradPoint Support
(360)676-6481 x5254







Martha Zender

High School and Beyond Coordinator
(360)676-6481 x5259




If you or your child would like to talk to someone about how to manage stress, anxiety & routines during this time please use one of these avenues:

    • Call or Email your school counselor (contact information below) and leave a message.
    • Call the Family Resource Center at 360-676-6456 and leave a message.
    • Call the District Office at 360-676-6400 and leave a message.
    • Fill out the Bellingham Public Schools request form.
    • Check HERE for other resources.

Safety Reporting and Tip Line:

Students, parents or community members who have information, tips, or concerns regarding a safety issue in our schools are encouraged to text or call 844-310-9560 or visit for confidential, anonymous, two-way communication with our safety staff.

Multi-Language Message Line:

Families whose first language is not English can leave a message on our multi-language message line at 360-647-6816. Families dial 2 for Russian, dial 3 for Vietnamese, dial 4 for Punjabi, or dial 5 for any other language (say the name of language at beginning of the message). Please call 360-676-6456 for Spanish.

Food / Housing Resources