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Senior Swag

If you missed the meeting with our Josten’s rep, please check out this website for more information on getting 2020 swag.

Cap & Gown Link                       Swag Link  

Senior Meetings

Counselors are available to meet with students around with college applications, FAFSA, military enlistment, career exploration, resume building, and other post-high school opportunities.

If you are considering a 4-year university after high school, you may be concerned about how last semester will look to colleges. Keep in mind that colleges know there are wide-spread challenges because of COVID-19 for students and schools. Many colleges have already acknowledged future adjustments to the application process for the 21-2022 school year including flexibility around P/NC grades, disruption in extracurricular activities and the requirements for an SAT or ACT. We have an updated FAQ on the SHS Counseling Webpage to help you navigate this process. As always, please feel free to email your counselor with any questions.



If you are using the Common Application or the Coalition Application (UW) your transcript will automatically be uploaded. You do no need to request one from Sehome.

If you are planning to attend a 4-year university next year and are not applying on the Common App or Coalition App, please fill out the Transcript Release Form as well as the Transcript Request Form and send to Kendra Simpson so we can send colleges your transcript.

If you need an unofficial transcript for application or scholarship purposes please email Kendra Simpson.


Four-Year College Application FAQ

Q: I need help organizing my college info. What is an easy way to do that?

A: There are many ways to organize your information. Some people like to keep a folder with all of their brochures, others like to make lists or use a spreadsheet. Here is a link to a sample spreadsheet you can use: College Search Spreadsheet  Scholarship Tracking Sheet

Q: What is my class rank?

A: Bellingham Public Schools no longer report class rank. See this PDF for more info.

Q: What is my class size?

A: 273

Q: How can I find the classes I have taken and my GPA?

A: Email Kendra Simpson to get a copy of your unofficial transcript. All courses you are using for graduation are on this transcript including Running Start and the NWCTA.

Q: What is GPA scale reporting and is my GPA weighted?

A: We use a 4.0 GPA scale, and we do not use weighted a GPA. This is also true for Running Start.

Q: My college requires a Letter of Recommendation. How do I request one?

A: Think of a teacher who knows you well, a teacher whose class you really enjoyed, or a teacher you had in your strongest subject. Reach out to them and your counselor via email at least 3 weeks before it is due to request the letter of recommendation. It helps to fill out this Autobiographical Sketch and send along with your request. Many private colleges require 2 teacher recommendations and 1 counselor recommendation. Double-check the college’s website to see what they require.

Q: How can I apply for Financial Aid?

A: FAFSA opens October 1st. There will be district-wide virtual help sessions in October. Check back later for dates and times. Click here for more detailed information and videos!

MORE Frequently Asked Questions


Helpful Links

  • Scholarships & Application Help
    • Futures NW has a great website with a variety of information about how to get started with scholarships and college applications
    • Explore a variety of options on the SHS College and Career Website
    • Compare and search for colleges to find a good match for you.
    • Great tool for exploring colleges and careers.  Check out the college search feature.  You can customize it to find colleges based on your preferences.  Pay close attention to the admission requirements.
  • College Entrance Exams (SAT & ACT)
    • Keep updated on the latest status for four-year college testing, preparation materials and possible testing opportunities.
    • You can work toward a career, degree or transfer credits.
    • Many students use Spring Break to visit college campus’. Since many are closed, you can look at their campus virtually at this website. Next best thing to being there.
    • Military Academies are also included.
    • You learn a skilled trade while earning income in the field.
    • Guide for exploring the possibilities.