District prepares move to Stages 2 and 3 of Reconnect Plan
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Updated 6/16/2020

Current Juniors in RS-(class of 2021)  I  have emailed your RSEVF for fall quarter to you.  Please check your WCC email and account for updates on fall registration from the college.

New students to RS- please see the Running Start website of WCC or BTC to find out the steps you need you to take. Be sure to read ALL of the information they post and watch the videos if they provide them. These will answer your questions and walk you through the steps you need to take.

I am on summer break beginning 2:30pm June 18th. The colleges know I am gone and that  we will take care of the RSEVF upon my return. You can still register for classes without it. Please do not ask your counselor, or our admin.  It is not an emergency. Thank-you!


Some FAQ from WCC that may answer a question or concern you have:

Need an advising appointment?
We recently made appointment scheduling available online via Starfish. Use this link to access Starfish <https://whatcom.starfishsolutions.com/starfish-ops/support/login.html> and follow these steps:
1. Log in using WCC Network Account (example: aanderson1245) and password
2. Click on the “Success Network” icon
3. Click on the arrow next your advisor’s name and select ‘Schedule’
4. Find a time that works for you
5. If you’re unable to find a time that works with your schedule or have trouble, please email me back
New students signing up for first classes:
You can register starting in early-mid July. Do you need help choosing classes? See the section above to make an advising appointment. Advisors are available now!
Current students signing up for new classes:
You can look up your Registration Access Time<https://www.ctc.edu/~whatcm/waci004.html> and Sign up for classes<https://oasis.whatcom.edu/ManageClasses/Login.aspx> on MyWCC.
Don’t forget to send us your EVF!
Yes, Fall Quarter is online
Fall classes are going to be online for the entire duration of the quarter, September to December.
When you are looking at the schedule,<https://mywcc.whatcom.edu/ScheduleSearch/ScheduleSearch.aspx> note the “section”
· “WM#” = Web Meet, means class is online, but requires virtual classroom video meetings at scheduled times
· “OL#” = Online, means the class is completely online, and no meetings are required
· “HY#” = Hybrid, means the class is online, but requires you to come to campus periodically
Just enrolled in classes, but the cost seems too high or too low?
Tuition is always incorrect when you first sign up for classes. I will email you when it is time to pay!
What is fee-based? Tuition based?
This distinction does not affect Running Start students. You should ignore this column when choosing classes.
Did you request to withdraw or switch to S/U Grading, but it hasn’t happened yet?
As long as you made your request before midnight on June 12, we will go back and remove the class, or switch to S/U grading.


What is Running Start?


New students:

Attend a Running Start Information Session.  See the college Running Start website for dates, times. and schedules.
Pick up a Sehome Running Start Permission to Enroll Form from the Sehome Career Center.


Is Running Start a good option for you?  


WCC Running Start  office phone: (360)383-3123                         BTC Running Start  office phone:  (360)752-8385

Whatcom Community College  
Bellingham Technical College
WCC Running Start Web Site BTC Running Start Web Site
WCC Course & Credit Equivalencies BTC Course & Credit Equivalencies


Accuplacer study guide             Other study tools:   Math.com           Cool Math   

BTC also offers EdReady  – Goal Key available upon request to the college


For more information or to make an appointment contact:

Martha Zender
High School and Beyond Coordinator
Phone: (360) 676-6470  ext. 5259